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Employee & Management Training


It is important that a comprehensive training and education programme is used to communicate details of a company drug and alcohol policy to employees before introduction; indeed such communication of a change in policy is a legal requirement. Trade Unions are generally more supportive of the policy if open and comprehensive training of employees takes place.


Both managers and staff should be trained in aspects of substance misuse.


We can provide manager and employee training sessions covering:


  • Alcohol – facts, effects and problems;
  • Drugs – what are the common drugs of abuse? How do they affect an individual;
  • How can you recognize signs of drug abuse;
  • How do these drugs affect performance at work.


Sessions can be tailored to your needs and can range from drugs and alcohol awareness presentations to short ‘road-show’ style information opportunities.


Employers (Managers) & Employees Training is fully supported with literature/information packs.



‘Do-it-Yourself ‘ Testing – Support & Training


It is NIVHA policy to provide customers with the necessary tools, training and support to enable both drug and alcohol testing to be carried out in-house using your own staff.


Consequently, fully comprehensive training packages are available for all appropriate collection and on-site testing procedures.


  • Breathtesting
  • Oral Fluid collection and on-site screening
  • Oral Fluid collection for laboratory testing
  • Urine collection and on-site screening
  • Urine collection for laboratory analysis


As accredited Drager agents and suppliers we can provide front-line support for breathtest and drug test devices, including calibration services for Drager breathtest devices.

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