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The introduction of testing into an organisation should be warranted and be proportionate to the risks it is designed to counter.

Substance Abuse Policy


An employer would have a legitimate interest in drug and alcohol use among their employees if:


  • Employees engage in illegal activities in the workplace;
  • Employees are intoxicated during working hours;
  • Drug or alcohol use is having a demonstrable effect on employees performance that goes beyond a threshold of acceptability;
  • The nature of the work is such that any reasonable employer would be expected to take all reasonable steps to minimise risk of accident;
  • The nature of the work is such that the public is entitled to expect a higher than average standard of behavior or there is a risk of vulnerability to corruption.


A Substance Misuse Policy will form the basis of any testing programme which is introduced. It is essential that the policy is right for your business. NIVHA can help develop your policy.

Standard Policy


We can provide an off-the-shelf ‘standard’ policy that you can modify to suit your own needs. This policy will contain the essential features, advice and guidelines necessary to help you design your own policy.

Bespoke Policy


Alternatively we can work with you in developing your policy or modifying and modernising an existing policy.

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