DNA & Paternity Testing


Nivha can provide DNA testing services for:

Home Paternity Testing


After obtaining a DNA kit (for up to 3 people) individuals take buccal swab samples in the privacy of their own home and send these to NIVHA for analysis. Although still analysed to the highest standards these are not admissible in court.



DNA testing for Legal / Court use


Samples are collected under controlled conditions from two or three individuals and sent to NIVHA for analysis. A minimum of 21 but frequently 68 DNA markers are used to compare the samples. These samples are suitable for court use





NIVHA’s Legal DNA Immigration Testing Services provide up to 99.9999% proof of paternity with 100% accuracy. Results take just 72 Hours from receipt in laboratory for paternity and 5-10 business days for sibling and more complex cases.


NIVHA has access to collection services in over 70 countries worldwide


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